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Inspirational power of the modern day figurehead

Editor's Blog Last edited 20/08/15
Michelle Mone resigns from Ultimo, leaving one more big brand without a heart

Feedback isn’t just white noise for supermarket giant

Editor's Blog Last edited 03/08/15
Tesco proves that every little helps by banishing shoppers' pet peeve

Would you employ a ‘disruptive talent’?

Editor's Blog Last edited 24/07/15
Taking on maverick characters is the key to success, according to someone who should know...

Power to the people

Editor's Blog Last edited 15/07/15
Why a leading local business person's approach to staff is food for thought

From treehouse to boardroom

Editor's Blog Last edited 07/07/15
This week I've discovered how businesses in the region are demonstrating creativity and confidence.

Operation Stack: Is there really an end in sight?

Editor's Blog Last edited 02/07/15
As traffic tailback misery brings parts of Kent to a standstill, the need to avoid future strikes becomes critical

Jobs may be at risk - but the planning process can’t be shortcut

Editor's Blog Last edited 18/05/15
As the editor of a leading business magazine I am, naturally, passionate about business and, more importantly, jobs.

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