2012 Print Editions


Inside this issue:

BT signs deals with Surrey.
Airline to fly from Kent.
Research shows how to help coastal towns. Read Issue


Inside this issue:

Giant project cut in half by recession.
Road trains for cars on long journeys.
Business from sucessful bid. Read Issue


Inside this issue:

Airports will relieve capacity.
Bid for advanced coms centre in Surrey.
Olympics puts company in the news. Read Issue


Inside this issue:

Surrey to test the future for hydrogen energy.
Science parks charge too much for innovation.
Gas giant tackles clean transport fuels. Read Issue


Inside this issue: Jobs crisis in area desperate for work.

Companies bid for giant network contract.

First green vending machine launched.

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Inside this issue: Future of Kent's nuclear industry at stake.

World class business school planned for Surrey.

Thousands of jobs in docks plan.

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Inside this issue: Councils aiming to save millions.

Banks ignored funding deal.

Group set to manage big green fund.

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Inside this issue: Government backs road to bring jobs.

Aiming for a world record.

Designer turns jets into Olympic doves.

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Inside this issue: Green energy to replace coal-fired power station.

Ignorant planners stifle business.

Councils fail to create jobs and growth.

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Inside this issue: Giant Thames Gateway project falters.

Bright future for county under attack.

Turbine plant goes to planners.

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Inside this issue: Public money stuck in project.

Government fixes space industry concerns.

Battle lines drawn over hub airport.

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Inside this issue: Centre failed to meet funding targets for jobs.

Banks need more staff in local offices.

Company set to test drill for gas.

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