Forward Features

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February/March 2020

  • Green & clean
  • IT & communications
  • Pension planning: Focus your future financial requirements

Editorial/Artwork deadline: 30 Jan Publishing day: 11 Feb

April/May 2020

  • Business Vision Live preview
  • Venue finder
  • Raising standards: Improve your staff skills – training and motivation
  • Spring clean your business: Find the essentials and clear your path

Editorial/Artwork deadline: 26 March

Publishing day: 7 April On sale: 17 April

June/July 2020

  • Business Vision Live review
  • Running a business: Part 1 – Where do I begin? Advice for start-ups
  • Motivating your staff: Harnessing team spirit and supporting individuals
  • Event planning: How to make that big day great!

Editorial/Artwork deadline: 18 June

Publishing day: 30 June On sale: 10 July

August/September 2020

  • Construction Expo review
  • Running a business: Part 2 – Growing and developing. When is the right time to expand? Do I have the right team? Where do I go for support?
  • Going electric: The best in “green motoring”
  • Christmas: Start planning now for the best festive celebrations

Editorial/Artwork deadline: 30 July

Publishing day: 11 August On sale: 20 August

October/November 2020

  • Running a business: Part 3 – Effective marketing. Share your story and see the results! Including web design and social media
  • Winter Management: Be ready for whatever the weather brings. Property maintenance, snow and ice protection for vehicles, staff and visitors

Editorial/Artwork deadline: 13 October

Publishing day: 27 October On sale: 6 November

December/January 2021

  • Networking: Building contacts to support and promote your business. Where to go, how to do it effectively
  • Running a Business: Part 4 – Protect against crime. Be aware of cyber threats, how to get the right insurance for your business, the best CCTV and alarm system for your property

Editorial/Artwork deadline: 10 December

Publishing day: 30 December On sale: 8 Jan