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Deep freeze benefits

Features Last edited 07/12/18
Entrepreneur Ruth inspired by Beverly Hills women’s experience to set up a clinic offering an unusual pain-reduction technique.

Going for Growth

Money Last edited 12/12/18
Download your copy of our Going for Growth: UK company growth strategies to 2021 report.

War veteran’s new battleground

Features Last edited 07/12/18
How a former Marine found his Civvy Street challenge – to train ex-servicemen and women to fight cyber security breaches.

Alliance chews over two very different construction projects

Property Last edited 11/12/18
Property and real estate professionals have been sizing up two contrasting developments at the latest meeting of the Sussex Property Alliance, held at the Fontwell Park complex.

Alfie the charmer

Features Last edited 07/12/18
Multi-millionaire who’s proud of his gipsy roots says he’s on a mission to make a difference in the housing sector – whatever struggles lie ahead.

An organic education

News Last edited 07/12/18
A dream home in the country and a radical change in career path brought Tracey Poulton to set up a pioneering nursery school aimed at educating children about where food comes from.

Women contribute £105 billion to economy

Events Last edited 07/12/18
FSB Kent Big brunch attendees hear women contribute £105 billion to economy

Elf & safety advice

News Last edited 07/12/18
Where there’s smoke, there isn’t always fire! False fire alarms over Christmas cost the economy £1 billion.