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Nimble And Fun To Drive

Motoring Last edited 12/05/21
Glamour Model: The Electric Mini

Build Back Better: Plan And Prepare

Features Last edited 12/05/21
For any business traditionally run from an office, like us at RIFT Accounting, the past year has brought fundamental change which nobody anticipated or planned for. The change (something that many find difficult) had to be embedded quickly, with resilience and buckets of adaptability.

Build Back Better: App For Happy Shoppers

Features Last edited 12/05/21
The imposition of the first lockdown and the closure of non-essential shops focused Richard Johnson’s entrepreneurial mind to hone an online business idea he had been playing with.

Forthcoming reforms to the sale and valuation of charitable assets

News Last edited 11/05/21
Vicky Phillips, Director, Hobbs Parker Property Consultants LLP looks at forthcoming changes affecting the sale of Property owned by Charities as a result of a Government Response to the Law Commission report on Technical Issues in Charity Law.

Innovators: Cyber Fraud Education With Red Flags

Features Last edited 10/05/21
Behavioural science is helping a company develop effective software to fight the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks on business.

We All Need To Step Up And Take Responsibility

Features Last edited 11/05/21
2021 was supposed to be the year of demonstrating the UK’s ambitious plans for net carbon zero to the world.

Company Profile: Secure Engineering

Features Last edited 06/05/21
Safe, secure work sites are our business

“Local First” Approach Helps Us All

Features Last edited 29/04/21
Supporting “local” is much more than where you buy your skinny mocha latte, curly kale and carrots, it needs to extend to every purchasing decision made by business.