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Trophy is validation of services provided

Finance Last edited 11/04/17
Staff at Santander’s South East offices have been praised for the quality of their service to corporate customers, with the award of a coveted trophy.

Fearless, slimmer and ready for anything or high-tech and sporty

Motoring Last edited 10/04/17
Some cars come with huge expectations.

Top tips for safe, legal recruitment

Features Last edited 10/04/17
Recruitment can be a tricky process for the unprepared, with potentially costly claims made against your company if you get it wrong.

Mental health issues in the workplace

Features Last edited 10/04/17
In more severe cases, an employee’s mental health condition may amount to a disability under the Equality Act 2010.

A bright new life for Indian cloth

Features Last edited 10/04/17
She was William Brown’s nemesis, the lisping, spoiled little rich girl who threatened to “scream and scream until I’m sick” in the Richmal Crompton stories. Now Violet Elizabeth has found her niche as a supplier of gloriously colourful recycled silk outfits.

Top digital marketing tips

Features Last edited 10/04/17
Tight budgets frequently govern the early life of a business, but it’s always best to spend the most you can afford on setting up a good digital marketing strategy from the outset.

Powered by the sun

Features Last edited 10/04/17
Undeterred by a major fire at its first HQ, Green Gate barriers rise to bigger challenges in bright new surroundings.

Groundbreaking research

Features Last edited 10/04/17
Training technique can help epilepsy sufferers control seizures, freeing them to pursue a drug-free, useful life again.